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The Dodge Viper is back!

Revealed at the New York Motor Show, the new Dodge Viper was launched as a high performance supercar; that is to say they stuck the letters SRT (Street and Racing Technology) on it.

We’re not entirely sure whether the acronym means that this car is suitable for racing on a track and racing in the street like Vin Diesel in a really bad film or whether it means you can race on a track and nip to Tesco’s in comfort. We suspect it’s not intended to mean the latter.

The new Viper certainly sounds every part a super car. Despite Greenpeace, the engine is a massive 8.4-litre V10 that produces 631bhp.

Thanks to a lightweight body made from aluminium and (you guessed it) carbon fibre, the new Viper is 45kg lighter than the old model. The reduced weight gets this snake from 0-62mph in just over three seconds; it will keep going until it reaches a top speed of 206mph!

The new car should handle better than the last Viper, with a new stability control system to keep you facing the right way and keep your face out of a wall. As well as the Vin Diesel SRT car, there's also a GTS version with all the stuff you will find in a Ford Mondeo, like leather, electric seats and cruise control.

According to the press release, refinement and quality have both been worked on and the new Viper is more comfortable and luxurious. According to us, it’s very unlikely this will be the case. Don’t expect ‘Audi fit and finish’. The new Viper will, in all likelihood be a fire breathing, tarmac melting, wheelie bin… admittedly a pretty cool wheelie bin.

Oh and don’t expect to be able to buy one in the UK; you’ve got more chance of finding a lump of Kryptonite in Swindon than you do a Dodge Viper in Surrey.