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Top 10 caravanning insiders tips

The caravanning season is well underway, so here are some tips to ensure your experience remains hassle free.

1. Reversing tip

When reversing your caravan, try to reverse into a space on the drivers side of the vehicle. The reasons are simple; the driver can see the back of the van at all times. If you try to do it the other way round, all you can see is the front of the van and this will no doubt make the whole operation more difficult!

2.Trouble with awning during high winds?

Buy two or three large flat pack water containers and fill with water. Place them inside the awning down poles, tie rope or strap to top pole where it meets the down pole onto the water container. Then if the wind gets under the awning and try's to lift it, the weight of the water containers will help keep it in place. Just remember to empty the containers before you go home, you don’t need to carry the extra weight.

3. Blinds

While your caravan is parked up and not in use, instead of pulling your blind down try fitting cardboard in the windows. It’ll prevent the sunlight from discolouring them and help prolong tension.

4. A trusty tip whilst storing your van

When your van is left for long periods of time leave your windows slightly open, but only on the first notch. It will allow for air to circulate throughout the inside and prevent damp. Why not cover your van whilst in storage? Specialised Covers range of covers include a velcro door, allowing you to access the van without removing the whole cover.

5. Clearing the air

So you’ve indulged in a delicious meal, but unfortunately the aromas left behind have filled the entire van! What can you do about it? One of the best things to do is add 500ml of water, 50ml of vinegar and one tablespoon of whole cloves to a pan. Allow it to simmer without a lid for around ten minutes. That’s it, the vapors from the potion you’ve just knocked together should draw out the bad smells and get things smelling fresh again

6. Improving security

Try fitting a secondary tracker inside your van, most trackers are fixed in the same place, giving thieves an advantage removing it, should they steal your van. So be sure to put this in an alternative place. You can put stickers in the windows warning criminals your van is fitted with trackers - this won’t always stop them but it’ll certainly deter them.

7. No use for the bunk beds?

Do you have a bunk bed that’s not in use? If so, unscrew the base from the fixings and place it on top of two folding tables - it can now be used as a food preparation area. Then when you’re finished, simply slide it back in place.

8. Meal preparation

If you’re going away for a few days, prepare some meals so you don’t have to mess around cooking and taking unnecessary ingredients. Making a large pot of chilli, spaghetti bolognese, curry or soup with last for days and can be easily reheated.

9. Versatile dingy

A rubber dingy. It may not seem like a must-have for your caravanning holiday, but considering it comes in a box the size of a book it may be worth considering. It can be used a paddling pool for the kids on hot days, a bath when things get a little dirty. Oh, and of course it can be used out at sea.Love thy neighbour

10. Love thy neighbour

Remember to take extra everything - cutlery, blankets, plastic plates, because even if you have enough, no doubt your neighbour will be short. After all, caravanning is a friendly environment and you never know, they may lend you something you forgotten in return.

Worried your caravan will get damaged whilst towing? Have a look at Specialised Covers Tower Protector, they protect your van from a number of factors including stone chips, road dirt and insect staining to name a few. The covers are 100% waterproof, breathable and durable.