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Top 5 cheapest new cars

Top 5 cheapest new cars In our current economical state, skimping and saving every last penny is something we’ve come accustom to. So it comes as no surprise to see car manufacturers churning out cheaper, more economical models to encourage those financial conscious motorists amongst us to dig out what money is left and purchase a new car. Here’s our guide to the top 10 cheapest news cars.

VW UP - £10,665

The tiny UP has been a great success despite its equally miniscule 1.0 engine. But don’t let its size discourage you, it’s surprisingly practical and especially composed on the motorway. The UP produces an extremely green 60.1mpg.

Ford Fiesta - £14,245

The Fiesta has stood the test of time, Ford continually produce reputable models each time around. And this model is no exception. Packed with Ford’s micro 1.0T Ecoboost engine, the 100 Zetec 5dr model is capable of an impressive 65.7mpg. fiesta-ecoboost

Hyundai i10 1.2 Classic - £8,345

The i10 should come as a lesson to manufacturers looking to populate their city car market; the car’s cheap, stylish and comes with an economical 1.2-litre engine. Another huge plus for Hyundai is the five-year, unlimited warranty.


Dacia Sandero 0.9 - £7,395

You can pick up the entry-level Sandero for a tempting £5,995 – making it the cheapest new car on sale in the UK. But if you can afford to splash out the extra we’d recommend the 0.9 TCe Ambiance model, which is more economical and includes extra power and kit. The Sandero isn’t as stylish as its rivals, nor does it drive as well, but we’re willing to ignore these imperfections because of the price. Sandero

Kia Ceed - £13,495

The Kia Ceed may be the same price as some superminis, but what you get for your money is a sophisticated family hatchback that oozes practicality. First of all the cheapest Ceed – the 1.4 1 – had a delightfully smooth engine that averages a modest 47.1mpg. kia hasn’t pinched on interior styling either; it’s classy, roomy and even the entry-level comes with air-conditioning. Overall, it’s a cracking family hatch. ceed