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Union Jack Wrapped Cars

Often than not, it would be a difficult task identifying the nationality of a driver upon passing them - maybe a foreign registration or the fact their steering wheel was on the wrong side would be a give away. But as we fast approach Queen Elizabeth ll’s diamond jubilee, there’s certainly a number of patriotic motors who you just can’t ignore.

Lotus Exige S

This sporty little number was part of a guinea pig project for Discovery Channel’s ‘How do they do it?’ in which a team of professionals wrapped the curvy panels in a 10-hour exercise. Maybe they should use a Reliant Robin next time?

Ford KA

The Ford Ka, it’s slow, ugly and un-desirable. Yet they remain one of the most popular cars on the road today, due to it’s cheap running cost. They’ve never been that aesthetically pleasing on the eye and this one’s no exception.


If there’s one car you’d expect to see this design on, it’d be this. The mini is a advertisement/sponsorships dream moving billboard. It’s cute little smile and bulging eyes are enough to entice the grumpiest of figures.

Ford Transit

If you don’t notice the wolf-whistling and horn-hammering antics from the cabin, you’re surely going to have a hard time ignoring this vibrant box.

Wouldn’t it be great to see the Queen driving round in her specially wrapped limousine before putting it to bed and covering it with her Jubilee designed car cover from Specialised Covers?