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What a Royal covering!

The Queen is no stranger to the finer traits of life, and as we bask in the accumulation of a extended bank holiday, we should merit her persistence upon the throne. Whilst doing so, we should also take time to celebrate great British brands that have earned royal recognition within our Monarchy.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top five brands that have been accredited by the Royal Family.

Specialised Covers

Family-ran Specialised Covers are the innovators when it comes to tailored car, caravan or bike covers. Their associated with the most exclusive of clients - within their 30-year reign - including McLaren, Audi, Mercedes and Eric Clapton, to name a few - has earned them recognition within Royalty. Bradford based Specialised are currently responsible for protecting Prince Charles’ fleet of Bentley Turbo’s, Aston Martin’s and Jaguar’s. The hand-made bespoke covers provide Charles’ British motors the protection they deserve - it was his immaculately kept Aston Martin DB5 that used at William and kate’s wedding.

Specialised continue to work alongside the Royal Family and have recently created a series of covers in celebration of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.


Basingstoke based Burberry, earned itself a Royal Warrant for long-serving delivery of goods to the Royal Family and it was back in the 19th century when King Edward Vll ordered his officers to wear waterproof-breathable gabardine raincoats. The brands iconic check-stripe designed isn’t a familiar favourite of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, but there’s no doubt that this British brand is still a firm favourite within Buckingham Palace - Kate Middleton was recently snapped in her hugging cream rain-mac.

Land Rover

Established in 1948, the Royal Family’s relationship with Land Rover has remained solid. Originally used as a means of presenting the Queen to the public, she would stand in the rear cabin as she waved and acknowledged onlookers. The reliable 4x4’s were later essential in ensuring the Royals had a vehicle that could withstand the demands of their vast rural capacities. And still to this day the Queen puts her confidence in West Midlands built machine.

Rolls Royce

If you were to create a motoring brand that oozed both luxury and solid British standards, then you’d need look no further for inspiration than Rolls Royce. The Manchester founded company served the Royals with a range of exquisitely crafted motors that are still in use today - more recently - the Phantom lV at Will and Kate’s wedding. Although the legacy of Roll Royce is still evident within the new generation of Royalty, Bentley has since taken over the baton with their customised models, which were presented to the Queen back in 2002.

Hardy Amies

Many would be forgiven for their lack of knowledge towards Amies, he became Royal Dressmaker in 1955 after his close collaboration with the Queen continually provided fashionistas with a wide spectacle of clothing designs. Amies had an eye for producing beautifully crafted evening-gowns and was credited as transforming Queen Elizabeth’s bland and out-dated batch of clothing, into a sharp, modern and original display. London-born Amies success continued a year before his death in 2003.