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The top 10 best Top Gear episodes of all time

Ask any avid Top Gear fan their favourite top 10 episodes of all time and you’ll probably get a different answer every time. With around 154 episodes produced and thousands of mini films with each episode, there’s an absolute gold mine of Top Gear content out there. So with such a rich picking of memorable episodes available, how did we narrow down the list to just 10? After searching forums and sites Specialised Covers found similar lists surfacing. So with that in mind and with our own admiration for the Jeremy, James and Richard in place, we constructed our top 10 episodes of all time.


Series 12, Episode 8

The number one spot belongs to their epic journey across Vietnam – from Saigon to Ha Long City – on £500 motorbikes. This episode has everything, drama, comedy and thankfully some ever- so slight relation to motor vehicles!


Series 14, Episode 6

Jeremy and the boys travel 1,000 miles through South America from the rainforest of Bolivia to the Pacific coast of Chile, in £3,500 off-road vehicles.
south american-top-gear


Series 9, Episode 3

The boys each buy a car for $1,000 and interrogate America from Miami to New Orleans. This episode could easily have reached the number one spot.


Series 10, Episode 4

The Top Gear boys descend on Botswana in one of the most repeated episodes of all time. Purchasing a car less than £1,500 they make the difficult journey from the Zimbabwean border to the Namibian border.


Series 5, Episode 8

Jeremy races a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti against Richard and James in a plane and train to Verbier, Switzerland.


Series 13, Episode 1

Jeremy, James and Richard race from London to Edinburgh, involving a Jaguar XK120, a Vincent Black Shadow motorbike and the Railway Locomotive 60163 Tornado.


Series 4, Episode 1

Jeremy races an Aston Martin DB9 against James and Richard on France’s TGV train from London to Monte Carlo.


Top Gear Polar Special

Jeremy, Richard and James race to the 1996 magnetic north pole. Jeremy and James travelled in the comfort of a Toyota Hilux, whilst Richard was pulled by a group of huskies.


Series 9, Episode 4

Richard and James attempt to build a space shuttle, based on a Reliant Robin.


Series 8, Episode 3

Jeremy, Richard and James each attempt to make an amphibious car, each then face their own challenges.